IL VIAGGIO (2020/22) two one-act operas based on novellas by Luigi Pirandello (1867-1936)
libretto: Alois Bröder

I. Das Licht vom anderen Haus (The Light from the other House)
soloists: Tullio Buti (baritone), Margherita Masci / Tullio Butis Mutter (mezzo-soprano / mute), Clotildina Nini (soprano), Frau Nini (alto), husband of Margherita Masci / father of Tullio Buti (both mute), three children of Margherita Masci / Tullio Buti as a child with two siblings (all mute), male choir (min. 3 tenors and 3 basses)
instrumentation: 1/1/1/1 - 1/1/1/0 - 1 Hrp/1 pno. resp. cel./2 Perc. - 4/4/2/2/2
duration: 50 minutes

II. Die Reise (The Journey)
soloists: Adriana Braggi (soprano), Cesare Braggi (tenor), Ferdinando Braggi (soprano), Paolo Braggi (alto), Antonio Braggi / gondoliere (both mute), mother of Adriana Braggi (mute), family doctor / primarius (bass), female choir (min. 3 sopranos and 3 altos)
instrumentation: 1/1/1/1 - 1/1/1/0 - 1 Hrf./1 Klav. bzw. Cel./2 Perc. - 4/4/2/2/2
duration: 70 minutes

Tullio Buti:
Margherita Masci / Tullio Buti's mother:
Clotildina Nini:
Frau Nini:
Margherita Masci's husband / Tullio Buti's father:
Margherita Masci's three children / Tullio Buti as a child with two siblings::
Adriana Braggi:
Cesare Braggi:
Ferdinando Braggi:
Paolo Braggi:
Antonio Braggi / gondoliere:
mother of Adriana Braggi:
family doctor / primarius:

choir of the Landestheater Linz, chorus master:
Bruckner Orchester Linz, cond.
costumes: Mariangela Mazzeo
stage setting:
stage direction: Gregor Horres
Landestheater Linz, BlackBox Musiktheater, season 2024/25
further performances:
sound samples
publisher: A.B.
commission of the Landestheater Linz (artistic director Hermann Schneider)
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Unverhofftes Wiedersehen (Unexpected Reunion) (2014/15) opera in three parts after the homonymous calendar story by Johann Peter Hebel (1760-1826)
libretto: Alois Bröder
dedication: for Hermann Schneider
soloists: Anna (soprano), Mathias (tenor), The Death (baritone), Minister (bass, out of the choir), choir (min. 6 female and 6 male singers)
instrumentation: 1/1/1/1 - 1/1/1/0 - 1 hrp./1 pno. bzw. cel./2 perc. - 1/1/1/1/1
duration: 75 minutes

Anna: Silke Evers, soprano
Mathias: Roberto Ortiz, tenor
Der Tod: Daniel Fiolka, baritone
Pfarrer: Taiyu Uchiyama, bass
Speaker: Georg Zeies
choir of the Mainfranken Theater Würzburg (chorus master Anton Tremmel)
Philharmonisches Orchester Würzburg, cond. Enrico Calesso (conducting 16.7.2017: Alexis Agrafiotis)
costumes: Götz Lanzelot Fischer
stage setting: Catharina Bornemann
dramaturgy: Beate Kröhnert
stage direction: Markus Weckesser
Mainfranken Theater Würzburg, Großes Haus (backstage), 24.6.2017
further performances: 4.7.2017, 9.7.2017, 12.7.2017, 16.7.2017
sound samples
reviews (still only in german)

Austrian first performance:
Anna: Julia Grüter, soprano
Mathias (voice): Xiaoke Hu, tenor
Mathias (dance): Paweł Żołądek
Der Tod: Rastislav Lalinsky, baritone
Speaker/voice of the Pfarrer: Justus Seeger, bass
choir of the Landestheater Linz, chorus master Martin Zeller
supernumerary of the Landestheater Linz
Bruckner Orchester Linz, cond. Takeshi Moriuchi
costumes: Elisabeth Pedross
stage setting: Elisabeth Pedross
dramaturgy: Magdalena Hoisbauer
videos: Petra Zöpnek
stage direction: Gregor Horres
Landestheater Linz, BlackBox Musiktheater, 25.2.2018
further performances: 28.2.2018, 3.3.2018, 8.3.2018, 10.3.2018, 16.3.2018, 18.3.2018, 21.3.2018
reviews (still only in german)

commentary (still only in german)
publisher: A.B.
commission of the Mainfranken Theater Würzburg (artistic director: Hermann Schneider)
The story
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The Wives of the Dead (Die Frauen der Toten) (2008/10) opera in two versions after a tale by Nathaniel Hawthorne (1804-1864)
libretto: Alois Bröder
dedication: for Berthold Warnecke
soloists: Mary (soprano), Margaret (mezzo-soprano), Margarets husband/Stephen (tenor), Marys husband/Parker (baritone), female choir, male choir
instrumentation: 2/2/2/2 - 4/2/2/1 - 1 hrp./1 pno. (also cel.)/3 perc. - strings
duration: ca. 100 minutes
Mary: Marisca Mulder, soprano
Margaret: Mireille Lebel, mezzo-soprano
Margarets husband/Stephen: Marwan Shamiyeh, tenor
Marys husband/Parker: Florian Götz, baritone
minister: Manuel Meyer, bass
condoling guest 1: Reinhard Becker, tenor
condoling guest 2: Ralph Heiligtag, baritone
condoling guest 3: Tobias Schäfer, tenor
condoling guest 4: Jan Rouwen Hendriks, bass
choir of the Theater Erfurt (chorus master: Andreas Ketelhut)
Philharmonisches Orchester Erfurt, cond. Johannes Pell (cooperation with the Thüringen Philharmonie Gotha)
costumes: Gabriele Heimann
stage setting: Norman Heinrich
dramaturgy: Berthold Warnecke
stage direction: Gabriele Rech
Theater Erfurt, Großes Haus, 2.2.2013
further performances: 6.2.2013, 9.2.2013, 2.3.2013, 10.3.2013, 22.3.2013, 5.4.2013, 14.4.2013 (broadcasted partly by MDR and in full length by Deutschlandradio Kultur)
recording: CD The Wives of the Dead
CD reviews
publisher: A.B.
commission of the Theater Erfurt (general manager: Guy Montavon)
award: nominated as the best world premiere of the year 2013 by the magazine "Opernwelt"
reviews (mostly in german)
trailer on theater-tv
sound samples
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