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The Wives of the Dead opera in two versions after a tale by Nathaniel Hawthorne
Marisca Mulder, soprano, Mireille Lebel, mezzo-soprano, Marwan Shamiyeh, tenor, Florian Götz, baritone
choir of the Theater Erfurt (chorus master: Andreas Ketelhut)
Philharmonisches Orchester Erfurt, cond. Johannes Pell (cooperation with the Thüringen Philharmonie Gotha)
prologue version 1 (beginning) - Listen: ca. 1'13''(763 KB)
scene 2 version 1 (beginning) - Listen: ca. 1'45'' (1026 KB)
scene 3 version 1 (extract) - Listen: ca. 1'15'' (712 KB)
scene 2 version 2 (extract) - Listen: ca. 1'40'' (979 KB)
scene 3 version 2 (beginning) - Listen: ca. 1'20'' (780 KB)
epilogue version 2 (beginning) - Listen: ca. 1'50'' (1081 KB)

Unverhofftes Wiedersehen opera in three parts after the homonymous calendar story by Johann Peter Hebel
Silke Evers, soprano, Roberto Ortiz, tenor, Daniel Fiolka, baritone, Taiyu Uchiyama, bass, Georg Zeies, speaker
choir of the Mainfranken Theater Würzburg (chorus master Anton Tremmel)
Philharmonisches Orchester Würzburg, cond. Enrico Calesso
prologue (beginning) - Listen: ca. 1'43''(1580 KB)
[part 1, scene 2 (extract) - Listen (= Trailer Landestheater Linz)]
part 1, scene 3 (extract) - Listen: ca. 2'03'' (1870 KB)
part 2 (extract) - Listen: ca. 2'05'' (1910 KB)
part 3, scene 7 (extract) - Listen: ca. 2'14'' (2050 KB)
part 3, scene 9 (extract) - Listen: ca. 0'57'' (892 KB)
epilogue (extract) - Listen: ca. 1'41'' (1540 KB)

ADAGIO (extract) for orchestra
Philharmonisches Orchester Würzburg, cond. Evan Christ
Listen: ca. 2'05'' (4800 KB)

Îsôt als blansche mains (beginning) for large orchestra (with female choir ad lib)
Radiophilharmonie Hannover des NDR, cond. Johannes Kalitzke
Listen: ca. 1'07'' (1065 KB)

Left Silence (beginning Nr.2) for mezzo-soprano and large orchestra
Silvia Hablowetz, Bielefelder Philharmoniker, cond. Peter Kuhn
Listen: ca. 1' (997 KB)

Sept Variations (beginning Nr.1) for orchestra
Jenaer Philharmonie, cond. Andrey Boreyko
Listen: ca. 1'10'' (1205 KB)

Sredi Polnoči/Mitten um Mitternacht (beginning Nr.5) for large orchestra, soprano, mezzo-soprano and male choir
Andreja Zakonjšek, Mirjam Kalin, RTV Slovenija Chamber Choir Ljubljana, RTV Slovenija Symphony Orchestra Ljubljana, cond. Lior Shambadal
Listen: ca. 1'35'' (1596 KB)

18 Signale (Nr.3) for orchestra
Philharmonisches Staatsorchester Mainz, cond. Catherine Rückwardt
Listen: ca. 1'15'' (1831 KB)

20 Signale (Nr.4) for orchestra (with the beginning of Claude Debussys "Ibéria")
Bergische Symphoniker, cond. Rasmus Baumann
Listen: ca. 2'05'' (1900 KB)

sätze (beginning Nr.4) for string quartet
Listen: ca. 1' (1114 KB)

Anläufe (extract) for alto-flute, cor anglais and bass clarinet
ensemble recherche
Listen: ca. 1'10'' (1177 KB)

14 Haiku (Nr.14) for voice and guitar
Eva Lebherz-Valentin, Christopher Brandt
Listen: ca. 1'30'' (1374 KB)

14 neue Haiku (Nr.1) for voice and guitar
Martin Hummel, Christopher Brandt
Listen: ca. 0'40'' (709 KB)

Im Irrenhaus (beginning Nr.1) for tape
Listen: ca. 1' (1191 KB)

La Donna (Nr.7) for tape
Listen: ca. 4'10'' (3900 KB)

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