1. 20 breaths, instants, associations, explorations, islands;
  2. given before composing: one sheet of music determines the range of each individual section;
  3. potentially the twenty pieces are performable over a whole concert divided, other compositions enclosing;
  4. experiment: where is the interface between "anything goes”' and “rien ne va plus”?;
  5. twenty times it depends on the intensity of the moment and not on the organically created work; nevertheless the pieces want to add themselves to a whole one;
  6. twenty dispersed, internally independent music-fields;
  7. twenty picked up and again lowered traces;
  8. 20 miniatures, portals, iridescences, aggregates, drafts;
  9. twenty condition descriptions, potentially developable;
  10. twenty concentrates, not epic and not extended;
  11. twenty times an immediate beginning and a sudden stopping, never an introduction, never a closing, each situation presently existent;
  12. twenty times being in the present;
  13. the ear percepts enlarging?;
  14. as when looking at a shimmering jewel;
  15. 20 parts, elevations, conditions, sketches, aspects;
  16. the pieces are existing isolated side by side;
  17. the rests: only imaginated, inaudible connections between the pieces, as it were "red threads”;
  18. each sound is born from the silence, dies back into the silence and is surrounded during its life-span by silence;
  19. as the sum of fingers and toes the twenty has pay-symbolically the meaning of the whole man; also one counts in groups of twenties;
  20. 20 crystals, prisms, fragments, hints and outlooks.
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