Alexander März, a schizophrenic inhabitant of a psychiatric clinic for many years attracts the attention of the young physician Dr. Kofler who takes care of the meanwhile self-isolated person and makes an effort to get him to speak again.
The ill person’s own dreams, observances, conversations and also poems gradually brighten up his existence and an artistically highly talented person emerges, fundamentally questioning the 'normality' of society.
For some years already I have been occupied with the idea of working out a music-theatre on the basis of the four "März"-versions by Kipphardt (film, novel, radio play, and drama) that were produced in the seventies.
6 MÄRZ-Gedichte and 6 neue MÄRZ-Gedichte are included (both are available in ensemble-version as well as in piano-version). They are performed by a non-href="../../WebStyles.css singer, interspersed, and they interrupt, reflect or contravene the development of the events.

translation: Gunilda Wörner
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