In the centre there was the premiere of Bröders Frühlingsfeuer on a poem written for this concert by Fritz Deppert. Hans Ulrich Engelmann whom the Mozartverein originally wanted to entrust with a composition had brought Bröder and Deppert together, reported Hans-Georg Traut. Deppert who often wants to be inspired himself with pleasure by music, stimulated with his onomatopoeic and ambiguous poetry the composer Bröder to an extremely sound-intensive choir piece for soprano, male choir, piano and two percussionists (Christian Gutgsell and Pascal Kleiber), wherein the thunderstorm tension and spring heat quasi tower up, so loaded the tonal atmosphere causes. And it seems as if the text as well as the music in this Frühlingsfeuer have captured the heat of the past April days, if not, nevertheless, at least anticipated. "Finally the purple scent of lilac" it is called in the third part of the about fifteen minute choir cycle. Quasi one could hear this lilac smell, moreover the text is musically fanned out in three layers: melodically, rhythmically scanned and sound-plainly. Directly befooling-sensual the final fourth part which sings of the drug scent of roses.
This new work by Bröder could become a parade piece of the Mozartverein. Because the choir which undertakes a concert trip to Szeged, the Hungarian twin town of Darmstadt at the end of May, can show here its versatility and its tonal creative power.

Heinz Zietsch
(from: Darmstädter Echo, 7.5.2007)

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