After centuries of male hegemony the relationship between the sexes has got into motion since the beginning of the 20th century. A complex development to real equality, community and harmony between woman and man takes place since then.
One aspect of the question, how far we progressed in the meantime this way, is answerable quasi field research-like. Because as soon as the situation arises that several men are among themselves, can be observed in which extent reification, pejorativing, even obscenity dominates the world of ideas of the interlocutors with the unavoidable subject "women".
In Unbeschreiblich weiblich the purely masculine society of the traditionally rather conservatively colored male choir appears in an unusual situation: exclusively texts by women are to be articulated! Mostly without being literarily exceptionally fastidious, eleven poems of eleven female authors bring up as a central theme the relations of the genders. They are, while they turn around the usual perception over and over again, quite impudently, ironically, occasionally even provoking. To endure these attacks and this look from female perspective and to laugh about himself, to have distance to himself, to make dubious himself and to be able to take himself not so seriously and importantly, would manifest a substantial male self-confidence according to my view.
All eleven pieces from Unbeschreiblich weiblich for male choir, whose sound I love and also later have used in my compositions "Sredi Polnoči/Mitten um Mitternacht" (for soprano, mezzo-soprano, male choir and full orchestra) and "Frühlingsfeuer" (for soprano, male choir, piano and 2 drummers), work with clear concise-easy materials and are always oriented directly to the text, which they interpret less than charge it with sound. Thereby delicate words are not skipped over, but are also not particularly featured or pointed. An internal turning point represent both last pieces, in which the breath of grand poetry blows, expressing visionary the longing of the sexes to one another.
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