Timeless valid Alois Bröders Sehnsucht does’nt seem so much because of the composed poem by Rückert, but because parliament-usual address-forms are integrated into the romantic verses. Since for the representatives of the people it is habitual to identify themselves with "asshole" to "pimp" mutually, one is never embarrassed for a short description of the political happenings. For the second time within a period of one year the work of the 1961 born composer was performed now by the Con Tempo Ensemble in the Theaterhaus Frankfurt, and in view of the Bonn recognition-call "wiper" the listener was convinced of the parliamentary clear-sight once again.
As full of tension as between Rückerts "little birds" and the responding "mucky pups" and "carrion vultures" it did not happen with the other pieces, probably however hardly less stimulating. The marimbaphone, masterfully played by Udo Diegelmann and central column of all works, remained free of each softening gesture, which with the bell-shaped sounds always lies in the air.

Bernhard Uske
(in: Frankfurter Rundschau, 23.1.2001)

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